拉普勒新聞網(英語:Rappler)是菲律賓新聞網站,總部位於馬尼拉帕西格,由諾貝爾和平獎得主瑪麗亞·雷薩聯合幾位菲律賓記者同行創辦。 --來自 維基百科


2022/07/08 | Voice of America

Some Filipinos Think ‘Biased’ News Site Rappler Should Be Shut Down

At home, Rappler receives little support from Filipinos as journalists and fact-checkers become increasingly vulnerable to attacks from the government and political actors.

2022/06/29 | Deutsche Welle

Philippines: News Site Rappler Ordered To Shut Down

The site, co-founded by Nobel laureate Maria Ressa, was known for covering Duterte’s bloody crackdown on illegal drugs. The move comes a day before President Rodrigo Duterte is due to leave office.

2019/02/22 | TIME

PHILIPPINES: The Dark Message Behind Maria Ressa's Cyber Libel Arrest

'They wanted me to go through being arrested,' Ressa says. 'They wanted me to feel their power.'