Rand Paul

蘭德·保羅(英語:Rand Paul;1963年1月7日-),全名蘭德爾·霍華德·「蘭德」·保羅(英語:Randal Howard "Rand" Paul),美國肯塔基州醫生與政治人物;於2011年代表共和黨當選美國參議員至今。 --來自 維基百科


2022/09/20 | The Interpreter

What Does Biden Mean on Taiwan?

When Washington doesn’t speak with one voice, its powers of strategic ambiguity are slowly chipped away.

2017/01/15 | Sally Tyler

Doctor, My Eyes

From a Filipino independence leader to Syrian dictator and libertarian US senator, Sally Tyler takes a look at the political visions and impacts of eye doctors who’ve swapped patients for politics.