Prabowo Subianto

普拉博沃·蘇比安托(印尼語:Prabowo Subianto,1951年10月17日-),印度尼西亞政治人物,退伍中將、現任印尼國防部長、前總統蘇哈托的二女婿。 --來自 維基百科


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INDONESIA: Which Candidates Are Running on Islamic Identity?

Candidates for legislative office in Indonesia's upcoming elections seem hesitant to latch onto polarizing religious rhetoric.

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ANALYSIS: Jokowi & Subianto Have Few Answers for Faltering Indonesian Economy

Presidential challenger Prabowo Subianto fired his first shot at incumbent Joko Widodo's economic policy, but both candidates have plenty to prove.

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Jakarta Election Result Spells Trouble for Jokowi and Indonesia

Whether Anies and Sandiaga will govern along these divisive lines remains to be seen, but it clearly sets a poor standard for repairing the racial and religious fractures still bubbling just beneath the surface of the city.