波蘭共和國(波蘭語:Rzeczpospolita Polska),通稱波蘭(波蘭語:Polska),是位於中歐的共和國,北臨波羅的海,西接德國,西南接捷克,南接斯洛伐克,東南接烏克蘭,東接白俄羅斯,東北接立陶宛及俄羅斯加里寧格勒州。 --來自 維基百科


2022/04/15 | Xiaochen Su

Preferential Treatment of Ukrainian Refugees Shows Limits of Europe’s Multiculturalism

The broad welcome that many Ukrainians have received is a social good. But we should hope and work for a world in which all refugees receive the same treatment.

2016/07/01 | J. Michael Cole

Polish Journalists Denied Accreditation Due to Chinese Pressure

One of the journalists says that her criticism of Beijing’s human rights track record and her signing of an open letter ahead of President Xi’s visit last month are behind Warsaw’s giving in to Beijing’s demand that she be sidelined.