Podcast是一種數位媒體,指一系列的音訊、影片、數位廣播或文字以列表形式經網際網路發佈,聽眾可下載或串流當中的檔案以欣賞。 --來自 維基百科


2020/02/04 | TNL Staff

Ghost Island Media Spearheads Taiwan’s Rising Podcast Industry

Taipei-based Ghost Island Media is at the frontline of Taiwan's podcast industry, producing quality shows both in Mandarin and English.

2017/08/11 | Saigoneer

Exploring What It Means to Be Young and Vietnamese

Hanoi-based podcast, 'The Renovation Generation,' is bringing to light how Vietnam's young population is diverse, complex and full of stories.

2017/02/13 | David Paulk

This Un-American Life: China’s Struggling Podcast Industry

What’s keeping Western-style podcasts from carving out a mobile entertainment niche in China?

2017/02/01 | Keith Menconi

FEATURE: Vietnamese turn to Podcast to Break Mainstream Narrative

Meet the citizen journalists reshaping how the world and Vietnamese themselves see Vietnam.