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2018/07/13 | East Asia Forum
ANALYSIS: Chinese Arms Sales Are Not a Diplomatic Weapon
China has not increased its arms exports to Belt and Road partners, nor has it penetrated markets traditionally reliant on Western suppliers.
2017/07/17 | Elsa Kania
PLA Swarms at War: Chinese Advances in Swarm Intelligence
PLA strategists expect that future, autonomous combat involving unmanned systems, as well as the joint operations of unmanned and manned systems, will have a dramatic impact on traditional operational models.
2017/05/16 | Joel Wuthnow
Xi's Grand Design: Recentralizing Power in the PLA
An important test of Xi's ability to manage the army bureaucracy will come over the next few years as PLA reform deepens.
2017/03/28 | David C. Logan
The Evolution of the PLA’s Red-Blue Exercises
The recent reforms to the military’s Red-Blue exercises will likely help improve the training and operational capabilities of the PLA, as well as the Chinese military’s own understanding of the tactics of potential foreign adversaries.
2017/03/21 | Peter Wood
Snapshot: China’s Eastern Theater Command
Despite the many changes that China’s military strategy has undergone, it is unlikely that the Eastern strategic direction will lose importance anytime soon.
2017/01/17 | Kevin McCauley
Analysis: China’s Critical Western Theater Command
The WTC is the largest theater and has complex terrain including desert and high mountains, long borders, and challenging social conditions. Theater missions include supporting the People’s Armed Police Force maintaining internal stability in the restive Tibet and Xinjiang regions.
2016/12/19 | Tai Ming Cheung
The Rise of the Chinese National Security State Under Xi Jinping
Under Xi Jinping, domestic and external security concerns have risen to the top of China's thinking and policy priorities.
2016/12/14 | Eric Heginbotham
Here's What China's Army Will Look Like in 2026
It is highly unlikely that China today could prevail in a high-intensity conflict with U.S. forces, but China can challenge U.S. dominance at an increasing distance from the Chinese coast.
2016/12/13 | Peter Lorge
Does China Really Need an External Military?
Aside from asserting its presence on the world, the Chinese government may rely on its external military policies to achieve internal goals.