2020/07/13 | Roy Ngerng

What Does Data Tell Us About Singapore’s General Elections?

Singapore's ruling People's Action Party has received one its weakest mandates ever. What does this mean for the opposition?

2018/06/29 | Roy Ngerng

OPINION: On the Distorted Logic of Ministerial Salaries in Singapore 

Singapore's prime minister arguably has less to deal with than his fellow national and municipal leaders, so why is he paid such astounding sums?

2018/05/18 | Chee Soon Juan

OPINION: Singapore Must Accept Protest to Emulate Malaysian Tsunami

It has taken Malaysia decades of civil and political struggle to achieve democratic regime change.

2017/12/11 | Cherian George

Lee Kuan Yew's Legacy: Managing Succession in Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew's legacy pervades Singapore's politics and the minds of its citizens long after his death.

2016/12/15 | Melvin Wah

Stubbornly Separate: A Symbol of Defiance in Singapore

The Potong Pasir estate has long looked, felt, and behaved differently from other parts of Singapore. Melvin Wah takes a look at the history of this unusual area and why it stands apart in Singaporean society and politics.

2016/12/14 | Tim Huxley

What Singapore Can Teach the World about Xenophobic Nationalism

Effective and responsive governance may in the right circumstances undermine the appeal of narrow-minded populism.

2016/12/13 | Michael D. Barr

Singapore's PAP Spends 2016 on the Defensive

After a year of vacated leadership and defensiveness, interesting times for Singapore lie ahead.