2022/06/06 | The Interpreter

A Flare up in China’s Deliberate Pattern of Aggression

The intercept of an Australian patrol over the South China Sea escalates a “grey zone” conflict to a dangerous level.

2020/09/22 | Voice of America

Increased China Warplane Activity Unnerves Taiwan

The Ministry of National Defense in Taipei says a total 27 Chinese aircraft crossed into Taiwanese airspace Friday and Saturday.

2017/06/27 | Kenneth Allen, Jana Allen

Waiting in the Wings: Yi Xiaoguang the Next PLA Commander?

General Yi Xiaoguang would have the opportunity to shape the PLAAF’s organizational culture and solidify the PLAAF’s vision of itself as an independent warfighting service.

2017/06/14 | Dennis J. Blasko

Taking Off: China's Helicopter Force Expands

The increase in the number of Army helicopters accompanies the expansion of the force in the latest round of PLA reforms.

2016/12/07 | Christopher Lew

Complexities of Controlling the Gun: the Army's Role in Chinese Politics

'In the end, a professional and outward-looking People’s Liberation Army is a double-edged sword.'