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In South Korea, Corruption Knows No Gender
An online survey shows that the downfall of former South Korean President Park Geun-hye has prompted voters to more intensely scrutinize their politicians, apparently regardless of their gender.
2017/05/09 | Kyle Pope
Moon Victory Imminent in South Korea
As liberal Moon Jae-in looks set to grab the South Korean presidency, Kyle Pope examines the politics that got him into pole position.
2017/03/16 | The Japan Times
South Korea Must Now Move On
South Korea's next leader faces several daunting challenges.
2017/03/14 | TIME
Whoever Becomes South Korea's New Leader Has Three Options for Dealing With Kim Jong Un. None Are Great
The new South Korean president will have to make an important decision on how to handle the North Korean nuclear threat.
2017/03/10 | Timothy S. Rich
Park’s Impeachment to be Felt Far and Wide
The impact of Park’s impeachment will likely last beyond this election cycle.
2017/03/10 | TNL Staff
South Korean President Removed: Reactions
South Korea and the world reacts to the historic ruling this morning upholding the president's impeachment.
2017/03/02 | The Japan Times
Doubling Down on Chaos in Seoul
South Korea needs to get hold of the chaos currently paralyzing its political world.
2017/02/16 | Kazuhiko Togo
‘Comfort Women’ After the Fall of Korean President Park Geun-hye
The demise of Park Geun-hye’s presidency since October 2016 due to the ‘Choi Soon-sil affair’ is an astonishing development in South Korean politics. Many Korea-friendly Japanese have watched it with a sense of concern, hoping that the South Korean people would find a way to overcome their present difficulties and come back to Northeast Asian politics with invigorated energy.
2017/02/05 | Kim Kee-seok
OPINION: Solving the Puzzle of Park Geun-hye
South Korea needs to identify and reform the factors that misled voters to elect a bizarre president and to support her regardless of repeated policy failures. It should search for a systematic solution to its democracy puzzle.
2017/01/31 | Timothy S. Rich
Has Park Geun-Hye's Downfall Changed the Game for Women in Korea?
What does Park Geun-Hye’s impeachment mean for female politicians in Korea?
2017/01/02 | Jeffrey Robertson
An End to South Korea’s Middle Power Moment?
The next South Korean administration will face a choice on whether to continue promoting South Korea as a middle power.
2016/12/19 | Robert E Kelly
Northeast Asia: Five Big Security Shifts in 2016
It's time to look back on the biggest stories in the always tense Northeast Asia region.
2016/12/01 | The Japan Times
Another Twist in the Park Scandal
Even if Park Geun-hye does step down, the vacuum at the apex of South Korean politics will persist; yet if she remains in office, Park will be too wounded to govern.