巴拿馬共和國(西班牙語:República de Panamá [reˈpuβlika ðe panaˈma]),簡稱巴拿馬(西班牙語:Panamá;[panaˈma];/ˈpænəmɑː/ PAN-ə-mah ),是中美洲最南部的國家,面積7.55萬平方公里,人口393萬。 --來自 維基百科


2018/09/12 | New Bloom

OPINION: US Diplomatic Recalls Should Not Inspire Taiwanese Confidence

The US recalled diplomats from countries that dropped recognition of Taiwan, but it’s anyone’s guess who is calling the shots in Washington.

2017/06/23 | Yuan-Ming Chiao

Panama Braces for Chinese Tourist Boom

Industry insiders expect red tape to be slashed, easing the way for more Chinese tourists to visit the Central American nation that straddles two oceans with its renowned canal.

2017/06/15 | Timothy S. Rich and Vasabjit Banerjee

Time to End Checkbook Diplomacy, Taiwan

Taiwan’s checkbook diplomacy is at best a short-term response limited to a handful of poor countries and discourages deeper substantive relations, argue international relations experts Timothy S. Rich and Vasabjit Banerjee.

2017/06/13 | Central News Agency

Experts React: Panama Switches Allegiance from Taiwan to China

'Formal relations with a microstate may be consistent with Taiwan’s claims of sovereignty, but it does little to prevent conflict with China in the future. Unofficial support from countries like the US provide such assurance.'

2017/06/13 | TNL Staff

BREAKING: Panama Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Switches to Beijing

Panama is the latest of Taiwan's diplomatic allies to ditch it for Beijing.

2016/06/24 | Chang Shin-wei

Taiwan’s President Tsai Embarks On Her First Diplomatic Trip Abroad

Before attending a ceremony in Panama, Tsai will make a brief stopover in Miami for meetings with officials and baseball star Chen Wei-yin.