帛琉共和國(英語:Republic of Palau;帕勞語:Beluu er a Belau;日語:パラオ共和国),通稱帛琉(英語:Palau,舊稱Belau或Pelew),也稱帕勞,是位於西太平洋的島嶼國家。 --來自 維基百科

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2021/03/08 | TNL Staff

Reports: Taiwan, Palau To Set up Covid-19 ‘Travel Bubble’

Local media has reported that a Taiwan-Palau travel bubble could be open as early as next week.

2021/04/07 | The Interpreter

Closer Taiwan-US Ties Are Stabilizing the Region, Not the Opposite

Displays of solidarity for Taiwan won’t contain Beijing’s ambition, but U.S. support must factor in its thinking.