Pacific Ocean

太平洋是地球上五大洋中面積最大的洋,面積1.813億平方公里,它從北冰洋一直延伸至南冰洋,其西面為亞洲、大洋洲,東面為美洲,覆蓋著地球約46%的水面及約32%的總面積,比地球上所有陸地面積的總和還要大。 --來自 維基百科


2018/08/21 | The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

Choked by Waste and Overfishing, Asia's Marine Habitats Are Dying

Only 13 percent of the planet’s oceans are untouched by human activity, according to a recent study by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

2017/04/07 | Renny Babiarz.

China Advances a Sea-Based Nuclear Deterrent

China’s emergent submarine-launched ballistic missile capability has long been expected. It represents a significant technical advance but still has its geographic and technical constraints.