批踢踢實業坊,簡稱批踢踢、PTT,是一個臺灣電子佈告欄(BBS),採用Telnet BBS技術運作,建立在台灣學術網路的資源之上,以學術性質為原始目的,提供線上言論空間。 --來自 維基百科


2019/01/11 | Global Voices

Taiwan's Battle Against African Swine Fever Gets Political on PTT

Discussion on PTT, Taiwan's largest online forum, has taken a political tone regarding African swine fever.

2017/10/26 | Matthew Fulco

Taiwan's Artificial Intelligence Adventure

Taiwan has huge potential as a cradle of artificial intelligence solutions, but so far its notable successes have come from start-ups like Appier rather than government-backed initiatives. Now, as the government opens the coffers to encourage investment in self-driving cars and AI healthcare, the race is on for Taiwan to develop an AI ecosystem that can compete on a global stage.