中華人民共和國,簡稱中國或大陸,是一個位於歐亞大陸東部的社會主義國家及主權國家,法定首都為北京。 --來自 維基百科

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2017/10/12 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: ROC or PRC? Philippines Apologizes for Logo Misuse

The Philippines accidentally ran the risk of hurting the feelings of the Chinese people by using Taiwan's Ministry of Defense logo at an event to celebrate warming ties between the Philippines and China.

2017/10/06 | Michael Turton

BOOK REVIEW: The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan's Defense and US Strategy in Asia

Don't believe the hype. Ian Easton's new book is no roadmap to a 2020 invasion of Taiwan by China. Instead, it is a thoroughly researched joy of a read that delves deep into the complexities of potential cross-Strait conflict, and comes up suggesting Taiwan remains a tough nut to crack for the PLA.