懸浮顆粒或稱懸浮微粒(particulate matter (PM))、大氣懸浮微粒(atmospheric particulate matter)、顆粒(particulates),泛指懸浮在空氣中的固體顆粒或液滴,顆粒微小甚至肉眼難以辨識但仍有尺度的差異。 --來自 維基百科


2015/11/17 | Kenzo

Air Quality Regulations to be Amended due to High Air Pollution Levels

New regulations now state once the PM2.5 concentration reaches an urgent 350 micrograms, all outdoor activity such as tourism or sports, and painting, as well as asphalt-laying for either industrial or commercial purposes, will be prohibited. All transportation, other than public transportation and electric vehicles, are banned while local governments will allow parking on red and yellow lines temporarily.