Otto Warmbier

奧托·佛烈德瑞克·溫畢爾(英語:Otto Frederick Warmbier, 1994年12月12日-2017年6月19日)是一位美國維吉尼亞大學大學三年級在校學生。 --來自 維基百科


2018/08/01 | Yang

Taiwanese Tourists Newly Welcomed into 'Mysterious' North Korea

A North Korean travel agency has partnered with Taiwanese proprietors to offer new travel opportunities to prospective Taiwanese visitors.

2017/07/07 | Robert E Kelly

The Tragedy of Otto Warmbier

Given Warmbier’s obvious innocence — his youth, his deeply disturbing post-arrest press conference, his political nature — his death has had a greater impact than most North Korean hostage and abductee stories.