大阪市(日語:大阪市/おおさかし Ōsaka shi */?)是位於日本大阪府中部的都市,為大阪府府治、以及大阪府兩個政令指定都市之一,亦是大阪都市圈、京阪神大都市圈、乃至於近畿地方的中心城市。 --來自 維基百科


2021/05/06 | Deutsche Welle

Covid Removes the Luster From Japan’s ‘Golden Week’ Holidays

Traditionally a time to travel, shop, and go out, this year’s festive season has been disrupted by a third state of emergency as cases of Covid-19 rise.

2018/10/24 | Lieutenant Ho

INSIDER: Taiwan Is Bungling Its Response to China's Psychological Warfare

A military insider reveals how events like the Kansai Airport disinformation incident expose deep flaws in Taiwan's strategy to counter Chinese influence campaigns.

2017/04/13 | Nevin Thompson

Osaka Becomes the First Municipality in Japan to Recognize Same-Sex Foster Parents

This pioneering decision by the city of Osaka has been trending on Twitter since the beginning of April 2017.