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2016/03/02 | TNL 編輯
“Asian Joke” In The Oscars Raising Discussion Among Taiwanese Netizens
#OscarsSoWhite or #WhiteOscars has been a widely discussed issue since the nominees were announced in January. However when Chris Rock, host of the awards ceremony, made an “Asian joke” on stage, he triggered different comments and reactions worldwide. Taiwanese netizens are no exception and have been debating over the incident and why Asians are discriminated in the US.
2016/01/25 | TNL 編輯
Where Do Asians Stand in Oscar Nominations?
White actors have been dominating the Academy Awards for 88 years. This reflects not only the social stereotype embedded in the movie industry, but also the lack of opportunities for actors of color to ascend to the podium of the Oscars.