挪威王國(挪威語:Kongeriket Norge),通稱挪威(挪威語:Norge 發音),位於斯堪地那維亞半島的西部,東與瑞典接壤,西鄰大西洋。 --來自 維基百科


2018/12/18 | Asia Dialogue

Norway, China and the Deep Hypocrisy of the 'Human Rights Dialogue' Ritual

An October visit by Norway's royal couple – who claimed to have been unaware of Xinjiang's internment camps – checked all the boxes of what has become a ritualized process.

2017/02/24 | Jichang Lulu

The Costs of Normalization: Norway and Mongolia Respond to Chinese Sanctions

Analysis shows that Mongolia conceded less than Norway when the pair attempted to 'normalize' ties with China. However, the two nations' different response still benefits China's 'core interests' as an authoritarian power.