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Anxiety Heightens As Virus Spreads to Taiwan and the US
The mysterious new strain of the coronavirus has penetrated Taiwan and the United States. International health organisations urge caution.
2018/12/28 | The Conversation
Why You Should Make Self-Compassion Your New Year's Resolution in 2019
Resolutions are hard to keep, but being kind to yourself when facing failure helps you build resilience.
2018/02/15 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: Your Guide to Fireworks in the Year of the Dog
Above all, don't bother filming them on your phone.
2017/01/01 | Mariana Zapata
Happy New Year! You Are Now a Year Older in Korea
In the Korean peninsula, every person turns a year older on the Lunar New Year.
2016/12/30 | Michael Beltran
Shout-out to the Philippines: Make 2017 'The Year of the Boomerang’
'Just the other day I received my first death threat from a loyalist of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.' When the police come knocking at the doors of the people in 2017, the response might not be as friendly as those in power hope. We should be scared for 2017, but also up for the fight.