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2019/09/25 | TNL Staff
What's Coming to Netflix Taiwan in October 2019
Here's a sneak peek of what's coming to Netflix Taiwan in October 2019.
2016/12/14 | Cinema Escapist
The 10 Best Korean Movies on Netflix
Check out Cinema Escapist's list of the ten best Korean movies on Netflix.
2016/02/02 | TNL 編輯
Can Netflix Still Be A Global Streaming Platform With These Barriers?
As the Indonesian government blocks Netflix due to cultural recognition and moral values, the online streaming service still needs to deal with regional needs as well as legality issues among VPN users while striving to acquire the global market.
2016/01/11 | TNL香港編輯
New Method of Conducting Market Research? Netflix Analyzing Piracy Websites to Enter the Taiwan Market
Netflix has officially launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. However, Netflix’s plans of cooperating with the leading local telecommunication and cable television companies such as Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom have fallen through, so how is the Internet streaming media entering the new market?
2015/09/09 | Zou Chi
Netflix Launching in Taiwan in 2016
Netflix emphasizes that most of the content will be subtitled in Chinese. After the launch of the online service, users can subscribe to HD, or even 4K Ultra HD programs, which can be watched instantaneously on almost any device with Internet access.