紐約市警察局(亦稱紐約警察局;英文官方名稱:City of New York Police Department,通稱:New York City Police Department,縮寫:NYPD)成立於1845年,是目前美國最大的警察局,負責紐約市5個區的警力部署及案件調查。 --來自 維基百科


2021/01/28 | Janine Sun Rogers

“Heaven on Fourth” Arrives in Taiwan Amid Controversy and Tragedy

Taiwanese artist Huang Po-Chih’s installation comes to Taipei’s Double Square Gallery as the latest contribution to the mythicization of Chinese American sex worker Song Yang.

2016/02/15 | TNL 編輯

First NYPD Policeman Convicted Of Manslaughter In The Last Decade

In most of the debated police shooting cases in the US, the police are mostly white and the victims African Americans. However, here is a case in which the policeman is Chinese American. Peter Liang is the first NYPD police convicted for shooting a citizen in the last ten years, and nationwide debates regarding ethnicity, race and equality have risen.