非政府組織(英語:Non-Governmental Organization,縮寫作 NGO) 是一類不屬於任何政府、不由任何國家建立的組織,通常獨立於國家政府。 --來自 維基百科


2017/10/06 | Chai Bipeng

Why Increasingly More Chinese Students are Volunteering Abroad

A generation of college-goers are training their sights on poverty relief in far-flung foreign countries.

2017/07/20 | Fu Danni and Colum Murphy

Bringing Creativity to China’s Stifled Classrooms

An NGO that strives to level the playing field for rural students faces uphill battle.

2017/07/20 | Fengshi Wu

Bumpy Road Ahead: Living with China's New NGO Laws

The full implementation and revision of the new law will take time, and the process will not be smooth, writes Fengshi Wu.

2017/04/17 | ZiQing Low

Chinese Activist Surfaces in Taipei, Told He May Face Uphill Battle for Asylum

The Chinese activist who fled a tour group last week may face a tough time to gain asylum in Taiwan, a local NGO has warned.

2017/04/13 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Will Taiwan be Silenced over Activist Detained in China?

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office has warned Taiwanese authorities against interfering in the matter.

2017/04/12 | ZiQing Low

Wife of Missing Taiwan Activist Told that Local Security Officials Mistakenly Detained Husband

Guangdong security bureau needed to show performance results under China’s new NGO laws, Lee Ming-che's wife told.

2017/03/29 | ZiQing Low

Taiwanese Detained in China Talked Democracy, Human Rights on WeChat

Lee Ming-che is being detained in China by a branch of the state security police.

2017/03/21 | ZiQing Low

Fears for Safety of Taiwanese NGO Worker Missing in China

Radio Free Asia has reported a Taiwanese NGO worker is missing in China.

2017/01/23 | Denise Hruby and Dong Heng

First Batch of Overseas NGOs Register Under China’s New Law

Four of the six organizations that have secured registrations under China’s new foreign NGO law are chambers of commerce.

2016/10/04 | Jennifer YJ Hsu

China's NGOs Go Global

The nature of an NGO’s relationship with the Chinese state may very well determine the scale and scope of its work abroad.

2016/09/30 | Edward White

China's Human Rights Plan: A 'Triumph of Form over Substance'

Orwellian doublespeak? Does China's latest human rights plan mark significant progress or reflect a gap between rhetoric and reality?

2016/09/19 | Olivia Yang

Can Taiwan Fill in the Gap for Foreign NGOs in China?

China's crackdown on foreign NGOs could be an opportunity for Taiwan.

2016/09/10 | Don Shapiro

Taiwan Moves to Attract Foreign NGOs

Taichung in central Taiwan hopes to become a regional hub for international organizations.


2016/08/17 | Olivia Yang

Corruption Crackdown, Charity Law May Dampen Rise of Philanthropy in China

China's billionaires are starting to embrace philanthropy, but will the new Charity Law and an anticorruption campaign stand in their way?

2016/07/14 | Thomas Kellogg

China and the End of Reform

BOOK REVIEW: ‘China’s Future,’ By David Shambaugh