國家籃球協會(英語:National Basketball Association,縮寫:NBA,也稱美國職業籃球聯賽,簡稱美國職籃)是北美的男子職業籃球聯盟,由30支球隊組成(29支在美國以及1支在加拿大),分屬兩個聯盟(Conference):東區聯盟和西區聯盟;而每個聯盟各由三個分組(Division)組成,每個分組有五支球隊。 --來自 維基百科


2021/10/22 | Deutsche Welle

China Blacks Out NBA Celtics Games Over Tibet, Xi Comments

Broadcaster Tencent has scrubbed all Boston games, highlights and replays after player Enes Kanter called President Xi a “brutal dictator.” Meanwhile, 43 nations formally criticized China over its treatment of Uyghurs..

2019/10/16 | The Conversation

China’s Bullying of the NBA Might Trigger US Retaliation

China flexed its muscles on the NBA over one tweet supporting Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, but its bullying might backfire.