北大西洋公約組織(英語:North Atlantic Treaty Organization,縮寫為NATO;法語:Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord,縮寫為OTAN),簡稱北約組織或北約,是歐洲及北美洲國家為實施防衛合作而建立的國際組織,擁有大量核武器和常規部隊,是西方的重要軍事力量。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/01/25 | Will Peyton

China's Growing Power: A Potential Response From the Anglosphere

One of the world's most dominant intelligence networks might be looking to expand in response to China's global rise to power.

2017/06/16 | Harsh V. Pant

Troubled Waters: Modi Seeks to Smooth Ties with Putin

Despite Modi’s recent visit, Moscow–Delhi ties are likely to remain tumultuous in the coming years.

2017/04/06 | Troy Lee-Brown

How Asian Regionalism Could Prosper Under Trump

Trump's dispute with Europe fuels doubts about the future of the East Asian regional order. Is the Indo-Pacific concept a viable option to complement or perhaps even help salvage the broader Asian regional project?