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2017/06/04 | Henry Ace Knight
The Virtuoso Bringing Silk Road Music to a National Audience
Master musician Wu Man has been touring China with a group of collaborators from cultures connected to the ancient trade route.
2017/06/02 | Saigoneer
'Girls Rock Asia' Brings Together Female Musicians from Across Southeast Asia
'It’s about every female musician who struggles about where to start or how to move on with their music career.'
2017/04/28 | Keith Menconi
INTERVIEW: A Taiwan Punk Tale
Joe Henley talks to Keith Menconi about his new book, 'Bu San Bu Si: A Taiwan Punk Tale.'
2017/04/08 | Sarah Karacs
Is Shao Yangpeng China’s Most Important Electronic Music Artist?
‘It’s an alienating vision that’s also quite beautiful in its abstract and haunting way.’
2017/02/27 | Sarah Karacs
Can Cantopop Make a Comeback?
'Cantopop culture is a very important part of Hong Kong identity. Over the past few years the so-called 'local conscious' has risen, but Cantopop has been in decline.'
2017/01/10 | ZiQing Low
China Continues Persecution of Taiwan, HK Artists
Many believe this confirms the existence of China’s blacklist of 55 artists.
2016/12/21 | Lin Qiqing
In Wuhan, Punk is Not Dead
Wu Wei, the lead singer of China’s oldest surviving punk band, insists there’s nothing political about his music.
2016/09/20 | Yuan-ling Liang
Chinese Censors Delete Hong Kong Artists' Music Online
Denise Ho, a popular Hong Kong pro-democracy advocate, and several artists have seen their work disappear from a number of popular online music platforms.
Uyghur Rapper Reps China’s West
AThree-Arslan hopes his music can help reshape perceptions of Xinjiang and its people.
2016/08/31 | Olivia Yang
Taiwanese Kindness Saves Swedish Post-Rock Band
Swedish post-rock band pg.lost landed in Taiwan last night, only to find out that some of their equipment had been sent to China.
2016/08/29 | Malaysiakini
Namewee: Don’t Go After Taiwanese Band
MV controversy: 'If you want to hold someone responsible, then let it be me alone.'