Milton Friedman

彌爾頓·傅利曼(英語:Milton Friedman,1912年7月31日-2006年11月16日),美國著名經濟學家,芝加哥大學經濟學教授、第二代芝加哥經濟學派領軍人物。 --來自 維基百科


2022/03/10 | Jonah Walters

Military Conscription Can’t Deliver Geopolitical Security — in Taiwan, Ukraine, or Anywhere Else

If the goal is to establish durable conditions of geopolitical security, the only hope for Taiwan is the emergence of an international diplomatic regime committed to the mutual draw-down of military capacity worldwide, through which all countries, especially China, Russia, and the United States, would be compelled to gradually diminish their own standing armies.