Mike Pompeo

麥可·理察·「麥克」·龐培歐(英語:Michael Richard "Mike" Pompeo;/pɒmˈpeɪoʊ/;1963年12月30日-,另譯蓬佩奧、龐佩歐、龐皮歐、龐貝),美國政治人物,生於加利福尼亞州橘郡,美國第70任國務卿(2018年-2021年),卸任後加入保守派智庫哈德遜研究所擔任傑出會士(distinguished fellow)。 --來自 維基百科


2022/03/22 | Ian Murphy

What Pompeo’s Visit to Taiwan Indicates

While Mike Pompeo called for formal recognition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on his recent trip, the Biden Administration will remain cautious and keep its options open.

2020/11/17 | East Asia Forum

The Shifting US Position Over the Senkaku Islands

With U.S. commitment to help defend the Senkaku Islands, the question Japan now faces is whether it will be drawn deeper into the increasingly hostile U.S. policies toward China, a country that happens to be Japan’s largest trading partner.

2020/11/11 | TNL Staff

US, Taiwan To Hold Economic Dialogue This Month

A bilateral dialogue between the U.S. and Taiwan on economic prosperity, led by Keith Krach, the top economic diplomat who visited Taiwan in September, will take place on November 20.

2020/10/22 | Voice of America

Top US Diplomat Vows No Change on US Policy in Taiwan Strait

As calls for more clarity on U.S. commitment to Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion grow, Mike Pompeo said the State Department is not changing its Taiwan policy.

2019/03/15 | The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

ANALYSIS: Major Issues Linger in the US-Philippines Security Alliance

A recent visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clarified the US position on defending the Philippines, but questions remain over the longstanding security alliance.