墨西哥合眾國(西班牙語:Estados Unidos Mexicanos, 聆聽),通稱墨西哥(西班牙語:México [ˈmexiko] 聆聽),是北美洲的一個聯邦共和制主權國家,北部同美國接壤,南側和西側濱臨太平洋,東南為貝里斯、瓜地馬拉和加勒比海,東部則為墨西哥灣。 --來自 維基百科


2019/06/19 | Antonio C. Hsiang

Time for Mexico to Show Machismo

Might Mexico choose to abandon trade ties with the U.S. in favor of stronger ties with China?

2017/03/18 | Alex Sager

BOOK REVIEW: 'Theory of the Border'

In 'Theory of the Border,' Thomas Nail looks at the constitutive role played by different types of border regimes – fences, walls, cells and checkpoints – in constructing societies across history as part of his broader ‘kinopolitics’ centred on movement, with focus on the Mexico-US border.