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2017/08/18 | Sacha Cody
China Tries New Tactics as it Loses its Soft Power War on the West
The percentage of people around the world who hold a favorable perception of China declined from 48 per cent in 2007 to 40 per cent in 2016.
2017/08/16 | Qian Han
Eastern Dragon and the Dangerous Rise of High-Frequency Trading in China
The impact of high-frequency traders on the financial markets has been in the throes of heated debate in China since the latest market rout.
2017/07/24 | TNL 編輯
Into Local Taiwanese Markets and Bazaars
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for markets and bazaars to check out in Taipei.
2016/10/14 | Edward White
Mixed Views on Thailand’s Outlook after King’s Death
What does the death of Thailand’s revered king mean for people who oppose the military junta that controls the country?