2018/07/26 | The Interpreter

City of Sadness: Mourning the Ruins of Post-ISIS Marawi

Trust must be re-established in Marawi before rebuilding can begin.

2018/04/20 | Policy Forum

Here's How the Philippines Could Prevent Another Marawi Seige

The Philippines' military, politicians and civil society must learn lessons from the Islamist attack that laid bloody siege to the city of Marawi, writes Joseph Franco.

2017/09/15 | Sidney Jones

The Danger of a Revitalized Insurgency in the Philippines

Addressing security concerns without undue militarization is going to be tricky...

2017/07/18 | Haironesah Domado

Winning the Peace in ISIS-Linked Marawi Conflict Just the First Step

Rebuilding Marawi will be more difficult than ending the conflict. Indeed, the conduct of the military while ‘pacifying’ the city has a direct bearing on their ability to take the steps I have outlined above, given the mounting grievances over the fighting’s impact on civilians.