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2018/08/16 | Coco Dollanganger
PHILIPPINES: Fear and Whispers Swirl amid HIV Epidemic
Public health agencies and the Catholic Church are caught in a moral battle as HIV infection rates continue to rise. Family members of the deceased, who frequently fail to get tested, are left only with questions.
2017/12/25 | Michael Beltran
OPINION: President Duterte's Same-sex Marriage Stance Flips and May Still Flop
The Philippine president's support for LGBT rights waxes and wanes, but his opposition to other minority rights groups remains consistent.
2016/02/18 | TNL 編輯
Filipino Boxing Star Pacquiao Apologizes for Homophobic Comments
Boxing star Manny Pacquiao recently openly denounced people in homosexual relationships to be "worse than animals.” Despite his apology later, Pacquiao has drawn an avalanche of criticism from the public, which can potentially hurt his prospects for a Senate seat.