華語流行音樂(英語:Mandarin popular music、簡稱Mandopop),目前泛指使用漢語官話(或特指現代標準漢語)演唱的流行音樂,為中文流行音樂的子類別之一,也是以中文為載體的流行音樂中第一個成形的子類別。 --來自 維基百科

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2020/09/04 | every little d
Abao Shatters Boundaries in Taiwan's Mainstream Music Scene
Abao, a Paiwanese singer, reinterprets traditional folk songs with contemporary arrangements, creating something different from the usual Mandopop.
2018/10/02 | Asia Dialogue
An Ode to Lo Ta-yu, a Taiwanese Cultural Icon & Mandopop Legend
Lo Ta-yu rose to superstardom in the 1980s and continues to influence Mandopop and Taiwanese music to this day.
2018/07/21 | Asian Pop Weekly
Reality Check: Are Chinese Televised Singing Competitions Good for Mandopop?
Chinese singing competitions display the proud legacy of Mandopop to their billions of viewers. However, they may be deflating the value of originality in music.
2018/07/21 | Asian Pop Weekly
Reality Check: How Chinese Singing Shows Create Content, Not Stars
The singing competitions taking over Chinese TV shift the Mandopop balance of power to China, but fail to prop up the future careers of their contestants.
2018/07/21 | Asian Pop Weekly
Reality Check: Chinese Televised Singing Competitions and Brand China
China's televised singing competitions are taking the world by storm and doing wonders for brand China, but there's more to Mandopop than what you see on screen.