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2018/10/30 | New Mandala
MALAYSIA: What Happened to UMNO and Malay Support During GE14?
Despite regime change at the top, the United Malays National Organisation retains strong support from the Malaysian people.
2018/08/08 | Global Voices
Mahathir's First 100 Days: Only Marginal Progress on Free Speech
Some independent news websites have been unblocked, but a Kuala Lumpur-based journalism organization says 'violations against freedom of expression are still occurring.'
2018/05/16 | Khaw Chia Hui
MALAYSIA: Views from the Street on Our Political Future
Voters from all sides of the spectrum offer their views in the wake of Malaysia's historic election.
2018/05/04 | New Mandala
ANALYSIS: Chinese Malaysians and the Politics of Endless Division
The influential yet marginalized minority struggles to hold any sway in the upcoming election, but this could soon change.
2017/12/15 | James Chin
Malaysia PM Najib Set to Retain Power Despite 1MDB Scandal
Deft diplomatic manipulation and a split opposition will likely see the Malaysian PM retain power in elections set for early next year.