Mahathir Mohamad

敦馬哈迪·莫哈末醫生(馬來語:Tun Dr. --來自 維基百科


2018/10/30 | New Mandala

MALAYSIA: What Happened to UMNO and Malay Support During GE14?

Despite regime change at the top, the United Malays National Organisation retains strong support from the Malaysian people.

2018/09/13 | Mongabay

Modernizing Malaysia: Port City Sees Pitfalls of Chinese Investment

Malaysia's Kuantan Port worries about lasting environmental impacts after a Chinese infrastructure project was canceled.

2018/09/06 | Khaw Chia Hui

MALAYSIA: Right-Wing Media Stonewalls Dialogue After Heated History Forum

The UMNO-backed Utusan Malaysia branded a discussion of Malaysian textbooks as ‘communist.’ A speaker says she has received death and rape threats.

2018/08/08 | Global Voices

Mahathir's First 100 Days: Only Marginal Progress on Free Speech

Some independent news websites have been unblocked, but a Kuala Lumpur-based journalism organization says 'violations against freedom of expression are still occurring.'

2018/08/01 | Mongabay

Modernizing Malaysia: Can Penang Island Handle Its Development Boom?

An October 2017 landslide that killed 11 construction workers was a warning shot that unrestrained development could put life on Penang in danger.

2018/07/23 | Policy Forum

Water Tensions Between Singapore and Malaysia Begin to Boil Over

Malaysia's recent election has reignited a longstanding quarrel over water with Singapore, which receives half its fresh water from its neighbor to the north.

2018/06/22 | The Interpreter

MALAYSIA: Out with the Old and in with the New

A massive cull of key officials left over from the previous government is underway as Prime Minister Mahathir gets down to work.

2018/05/25 | Dr. Amir F.N. Abdul Manan

OPINION: Malaysia's House of Cards and 2-Party Democracy

It is time to take steps to ensure Malaysia matures into a strong two-party democracy.

2018/05/16 | Khaw Chia Hui

MALAYSIA: Views from the Street on Our Political Future

Voters from all sides of the spectrum offer their views in the wake of Malaysia's historic election.

2018/05/15 | New Mandala

Will Election Upheaval Influence Malaysia's Illiberal Neighbors?

Mahathir is back at the helm, but it remains an open question whether or not he represents real change.

2018/05/11 | Khaw Chia Hui

Politics and Personality Keep Malaysia Spellbound as Mahathir Rules Again

Disbelief and trepidation linger after Mahathir's unprecedented general election victor.

2018/05/11 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Captain Democracy Flies to Malaysia's Rescue

Will time and its emissary, Mahathir Mohamad, heal Malaysia's wounds?

2018/05/10 | TIME

MALAYSIA: Najib Concedes Defeat, Mahathir Vows 'Rule of Law'

Najib accepted his party’s defeat and vowed to respect the verdict of the people, but remained defiant about his former mentor’s victory.

2018/05/10 | TNL Staff

MALAYSIA: Deja-vu as Mahathir Clinches General Election Vote

GE14 was the most competitive election in the history of Malaysia, with a voter turnout of 80 percent and a razor-thin victory for Mahathir's opposition alliance.