2018/05/31 | Morley J Weston

MAP: Southeast Asia's Highways Stretch for Days

What Southeast Asia lacks in road infrastructure it must make up in flights and patience.

2018/05/08 | New Mandala

Communism, Cartography and the Creation of Thai Identity

Kengkij Kitirianglarp's book examines the role of anthropology and secret maps in the creation of modern Thailand.

2017/04/18 | Eleanor Cummins

The Spies Who Mapped Great Swathes of South Asia by Foot

Using secret tools, and under cover of night, Indian 'pundits' charted land for the British.

2016/12/13 | Lauren Young

In 1562, Map-Makers Thought America Was Full of Mermaids, Giants and Dragons

Sea serpents, cannibals and one of the earliest mentions of California are features of this spectacular map.