2021/12/28 | Voice of America

Should US Get Tougher on China Over Hong Kong or Use Other Approach?

One step that the U.S. should take is to work with Britain to seek international legal recourse for China’s actions by virtue of London’s status as a party to the Sino-British Joint Declaration, some analysts say.

2018/03/02 | Suzanne Pepper

Candidate Certification Is the Latest Blow to Hong Kong Democracy

The latest twist in Hong Kong's electoral woes opens a debate on the difference between self-determination and independence.

2016/09/14 | Ho Ming-sho

The Umbrella Movement and Hong Kong’s LegCo Election

Among many other things, the Umbrella Movement represented a generational revolt in which young Hong Kongers’ economic frustrations were a noticeable driving force for protest participation.

2016/09/12 | Eric Siu-kei Cheng

The LegCo Elections and the Political Ecology of the New Territories

How the 2016 LegCo election became a critical moment of the 30-year-long agricultural development and movement in Hong Kong.

2016/09/12 | Suzanne Pepper

Another Post-Occupy Election

An analysis of Hong Kong before, during, and after the city's recent elections.

2016/09/10 | Merriden Varrall

Hong Kong Election Results: A Challenge to China's Immutability

Unless Beijing quickly and radically changes its approach to winning over Hong Kong hearts and minds, it will be an enormous challenge for the government to convince the population that its interests are best served by being part of China.

2016/08/10 | Suzanne Pepper

ANALYSIS: Spotlight on Hong Kong Independence

'Now that the independence argument is being so clearly articulated in Hong Kong, Beijing can’t pretend anymore that it doesn’t understand what people here are talking about.'

2016/07/25 | Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong's Loyalty Oath: Gambling Again on Ambiguity

As if they hadn’t created enough trouble for themselves in Hong Kong, Beijing leaders seem to be banking again on the dubious benefits of ambiguity.