LGBT是女同性戀者(Lesbian)、男同性戀者(Gay)、雙性戀者(Bisexual)與跨性別者(Transgender)的英文首字母縮略字。 --來自 維基百科


2017/01/24 | Edward White

‘Sinister Collaboration’ between Islamists and Police over LGBT in Indonesia: HRW

Police added insult to injury by temporarily detaining 600 people.

2017/01/20 | Qian Jinghua

Gay Mom Asks China’s Congress to Allow IVF for Unmarried Women

Advocates say allowing procreation outside of marriage could boost lagging fertility rate.

2017/01/05 | Fan Yiying

When You Are Old, Chinese, and Gay

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual retirees in China are seeking companionship and acceptance in old age, but some are finding it harder than others.

2016/12/29 | Hendri Yulius

Behind the Criminalization of LGBT People in Indonesia

Sensationalism and appeals to emotion are driving the campaign to outlaw homosexuality in Indonesia, writes Hendri Yulius.

2016/12/27 | Jeffrey Hutton

HIV in Asia – A Tale of Two Cities

The cultural and institutional headwinds suggest Indonesia’s HIV-AIDS epidemic will get worse before it gets better, writes Jeff Hutton.

2016/12/27 | Denise Tse-Shang Tang

Book Review: Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism and Media Cultures

In Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism and Media Cultures, Elisabeth L. Engebretsen and William F. Schroeder offer a volume of essays that explores queer activist communities in China, traversing such themes as media representation, queer filmmaking and film festivals and autoethnographic methodologies.

2016/12/26 | Olivia Yang

PHOTO STORY: Taiwan's Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes Committee Review amid Protest

More than 30,000 supporters of same-sex marriage gathered around the Legislative Yuan this morning while more than 10,000 protesters occupied the street in front of the building.

2016/12/14 | Qian Jinghua

After Watershed Year, Chinese Trans Activists Hold First Summit

A national conference wraps up a momentous year of transgender activism in China.

2016/12/10 | M. Bob Kao

Tsai's Betrayal: Politics Dampens Hope for Marriage Equality in Taiwan

'Even if marriage equality were to be realized this time around, which appears increasingly unlikely, the LGBTQ community will not easily forget Tsai’s betrayal.'

2016/12/09 | Sofia Ropek Hewson

BOOK REVIEW: 'Sex, Needs and Queer Culture: From Liberation to the Post-Gay'

If corporate backing for Pride events is one example of queer subcultures becoming increasingly commercialized, does this threaten the capacity to resist or might capitalism be progressive for queer subjects? In 'Sex, Needs and Queer Culture: From Liberation to the Post-Gay' David Alderson draws upon the work of Herbert Marcuse and Raymond Williams to examine processes of assimilation and resistance as well as the distinctions between countercultural and subcultural movements. Although she questions the particular focus on gay male culture, Sofia Ropek Hewson welcomes this rich and absorbing text for probing into the present relationship between capitalism, queer culture and political resistance.

2016/12/08 | Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文)

It’s Make or Break Time for Marriage Equality in Taiwan

By the end of the day on December 17, we’ll know if marriage equality is doomed to fail.   

2016/12/03 | J. Michael Cole

My Marriage Equality Testimony (of Sorts)

'My mother came out of the closet at lunchtime, trembling like a leaf and terrified that I would stop loving her.'

2016/12/01 | Edward White

Indonesia is the Real Battleground for LGBT Rights

The eyes of the global LGBT community should be firmly set on Jakarta.

2016/11/28 | Edward White

Heat on DPP as Marriage Equality Draws Thousands to Streets

Pressure is mounting on Taiwan’s ruling party to advance marriage equality, as religious lobbying threatens to derail the passage of legislation.