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2018/10/25 | Cat Thomas
Out in Taiwan: Standing for Equality with Fashion Photographer Leslie Kee
As Pride approaches, world-famous fashion photographer Leslie Kee is casting Taiwan's LGBT community in its very best light.
2018/09/30 | Cat Thomas
INTERVIEW: Down and Dirty with Taipei Drag Star Magnolia La Manga
We talk to a Taiwan drag icon about 15 years at the heart of a vibrant scene, LGBT rights, performing with Jolin Tsai, and spreading the word to the next generation.
2018/06/08 | The Interpreter
A History of Harassment: Probing Indonesia's Anti-LGBT Campaign
A small legal victory does little to mask politically motivated oppression of Indonesia's LGBT community.
Social Media and the Future of Queer China
Chinese media's normalization of homosexuality in the wake of the Sina Weibo backlash only applies to those who fit Party-sanctioned identities.
2018/04/17 | Jack Smith
OPINION: Sina Weibo’s Gay Content U-Turn Was No Victory
Weibo failed to apologize for its ban on LGBT content and celebrating the reversal of its decision will do nothing to shake public apathy in China.
2018/04/06 | Jeffrey Hutton
INDONESIA: Walking with Waria as LGBT Humiliation Accelerates in Aceh
The ongoing crackdown on expressions of LGBT identity in Indonesia has a painful human cost.
2018/03/29 | David Green
INTERVIEW: Jay Lin on Taking Taiwanese Creative Content Overseas
Taiwan must improve its data curation and transparency if the Ministry of Culture is to succeed in its ambition to emulate the success of the Korean Wave.
South Korea's Slow Shift toward LGBT Tolerance
South Korean laws and attitudes towards LGBT rights are particularly conservative, but polls suggest attitudes are shifting.
2018/02/20 | Daniel Peterson
INDONESIA: Proposed Legal Code Could Lead to Further LGBT Repression
As long as the criminal code continues to target minority groups, Indonesia’s human rights crisis will only worsen.
2017/12/25 | Michael Beltran
OPINION: President Duterte's Same-sex Marriage Stance Flips and May Still Flop
The Philippine president's support for LGBT rights waxes and wanes, but his opposition to other minority rights groups remains consistent.
2017/07/20 | Saigoneer
Vietnam Follows Taiwan Among Asia's Most Progressive on LGBT Rights
The past decade has seen so many policy changes in favor of LGBT rights in Vietnam.
2017/07/07 | Saigoneer
Malaysia, Indonesia Religious Groups Call for Starbucks Boycott over LGBT Support
Both Malaysia and Indonesia have seen a rise in religious conservatism in recent years.