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2020/05/24 | Ryan Drillsma
Did More Taiwanese Come Out at Work Since Same-Sex Marriage Legalization?
A recent survey by the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association shows lingering discrimination against gay people at Taiwanese workplaces.
2020/05/15 | Deutsche Welle
Is South Korea's LGBT+ Community Being Scapegoated for Covid-19 Spread?
South Korean authorities warn that overt homophobia is hampering their efforts to trace the thousands of people who visited Itaewon over the weekend to celebrate the relaxing of social distancing restrictions.
2019/06/18 | Jay Lin
Taking Taiwan's Progress to the Global Stage
Organizations in other Asian countries are looking to Taiwan to show the way forward for LGBT rights.
2019/02/01 | Jay Lin
Award-Winning Activist Jay Lin on Sharing LGBT Stories with Asia
A landmark year for the LGBT community opened with one of Taiwan's own receiving a special award for activism.
2018/11/02 | Kim Chan
Hong Kong's Siu-fung Law Is a Bodybuilder, Poet, and Genderqueer Icon
Siu-fung recalls her discovery of her non-binary gender identity through poetry and weightlifting.
2018/09/23 | The Conversation
Indonesia's Rich History of Gender Diversity and Non-Binary Sexuality
They are considered binary in modern mainstream culture, but gender and sexual diversity in Indonesia have a history that predates Western influence.
2018/06/08 | The Interpreter
A History of Harassment: Probing Indonesia's Anti-LGBT Campaign
A small legal victory does little to mask politically motivated oppression of Indonesia's LGBT community.
2018/05/25 | Global Voices
Japan's Hot Springs Open Up to LGBT Community
A pioneering project is bringing a community together to make the hot spring experience pleasurable for everyone.
2018/02/02 | Jeffrey Hutton
On the Front Line with Indonesia's Transgender Community
Amid an increasingly conservative national mood, Indonesia's transgender community is once again on the front line in the battle against intolerance.
2017/10/14 | Jennifer Creery
A Guide to LGBT Hotspots in Taipei
Jennifer Creery takes a look at some iconic LGBT community spaces in Taipei.
2017/10/04 | Fan Yiying
Gay Chinese Embracing Overseas Tours
Companies see market in LGBT travelers who value cultural experiences and exclusive, safe spaces.
2017/09/13 | Nevin Thompson
Japan's Male Sex Workers Speak Out in 'Boys For Sale'
A new documentary provides a humane and empathetic look at the lives of men working in Tokyo's 'urisen' trade.
2017/07/29 | TNL 編輯
Five Gay Bars Worth Visiting in Taipei
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for gay bars to check out in Taipei.
2017/07/21 | Olivia Yang
INTERVIEW: Director Zero Chou's Latest Project Films in LGBT Sensitive Cities
The award-winning director's new project involves filming in four cities in which LGBT topics are still banned.
2017/07/20 | Saigoneer
Vietnam Follows Taiwan Among Asia's Most Progressive on LGBT Rights
The past decade has seen so many policy changes in favor of LGBT rights in Vietnam.
2017/07/19 | Qing Yan
The Gay Bars of Shanghai: Here and Queer for 20 Years
The city’s ever more diverse LGBT establishments are the testament to the perseverance of China’s gay community.