Kuala Lumpur

吉隆坡(英語和馬來語:Kuala Lumpur,簡稱「KL」,全稱「吉隆坡聯邦直轄區」)是馬來西亞的首都兼最大城市,一座對東南亞的文化、教育、體育、財政、經濟、商業、金融都具有極大影響力的國際大都會。 --來自 維基百科


2022/01/24 | Voice of America

Malaysia’s Top Anti-corruption Cop Sues Whistleblower for Defamation

Hundreds of people rallied in downtown Kuala Lumpur on Saturday calling on Azam Baki, chief commissioner of Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission, to step down over corruption allegations.

2018/08/13 | Mongabay

Modernizing Malaysia: A Glistening River Revitalizes Kuala Lumpur

The River of Life, a project spearheaded by former Malaysia PM Najib Razak, has reinvigorated Kuala Lumpur's public spaces and improved the water quality of the Klang River.

2017/02/21 | The Japan Times

A Murder in Kuala Lumpur

Kim Jong Nam’s murder is a reminder that the North Korean government at its essence is — literally — a murderous regime and must be treated as such.