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2019/01/11 | Global Voices
Taiwan's Battle Against African Swine Fever Gets Political on PTT
Discussion on PTT, Taiwan's largest online forum, has taken a political tone regarding African swine fever.
2018/03/09 | Kevin McCauley
What has China Learned from Past Amphibious Assaults?
The PLA's successes and failures in assaulting Xiamen, Kinmen and Hainan in 1949 and 1950 hold lessons for a potential invasion of Taiwan.
On the Front Lines of Taiwan's History in Kinmen
Once the focal point of hostilities between China and Taiwan, the Kinmen archipelago has evolved into a fascinating tourist destination.
2016/07/19 | Anna Beth Keim
[ESSAY] You Ask How Deeply I Love You
Kinmen Island, and the past and future of Sino-Taiwanese relations.
2016/05/03 | TNL 編輯
Illegal Chinese Sand Mining Causing Massive Land Reduction in Kinmen
Massive construction projects in Xiamen have led to Chinese sand miners illegally extracting from Kinmen. These activities both reduce the size of the coastline and harm the ecological environment in Kinmen. Scientists believe that Kinmen may not be the only victim.
2015/09/03 | 阿Ken
A Rarely Known Provincial Government of Taiwan Has An Annual Budget of NT$ 90 Million
There is a Taiwan Provincial Government in the Zhongxing New Village in Nantou, but most people do not know that there is also a Fujian Provincial Government in Kinmen with an annual budget up to NT$ 90 million (approximately US$2.7 million), of which more than half are staff costs.