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2019/02/14 | David Evans
OPINION: Looking Back on a Farcical Start to the Han Kuo-yu Era
The start of Han Kuo-yu's reign as mayor of Kaohsiung has been defined by lies, more lies and a lack of accountability.
2018/09/20 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: In Kaohsiung, There Are Limits to the Multilingual Love
The axes are out for a politician advocating for languages other than English and Chinese to be kept out of the classroom.
2018/08/29 | Eryk Smith
Taiwan's Great Deluge of 2018: Anger, Finger-Pointing and Helplessness
Drenched with torrential rains, south Taiwanese have just about had it with the ineptitude of their politicians at managing natural disasters.
2018/05/24 | Eryk Smith
Kaohsiung Builds but People May Need a Nudge Before They Come
Kaohsiung is constructing monuments to progress, but basic quality-of-life improvements are needed to make the city truly livable.
2018/03/04 | Eryk Smith
A Landline Poll Will Determine the Future of Kaohsiung
The DPP's quirky nomination process will all but secure the seat of the next mayor of Kaoshiung.
Kaohsiung Fights to Reclaim Polluted Ground
Kaohsiung will struggle to get its oil-soaked soil back to baseline.
2018/01/22 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Should Kaohsiung Spend US$100M Repairing Rural Roads?
One of Southern Taiwan's main tourist attractions is languishing for a lack of infrastructure funds.
2017/12/13 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Time for Kaohsiung to Wage War against Pollution
Taiwan's southern city needs to change it's culture of helplessness.
2017/06/07 | David Green
Q&A: ArtLord’s Mike Yang on VR Gaming, Deep Terror and Turning Taiwan's South Digital
Can animation, virtual reality, and digital content replace heavy industry and manufacturing in Taiwan's south?
2016/09/08 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan's Municipalities Under Pressure to Resolve Land Disputes
Residents in Kaohsiung and Tainan are accusing their municipal governments of not respecting them as land disputes heat up.
2016/02/06 | Olivia Yang
Earthquake Strikes Southern Taiwan Leaving Dozens Trapped
A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck southern Taiwan early morning February 6, demolishing buildings in Tainan City and trapping dozens in the rubble.
2015/11/27 | Yang
Five Cities in Taiwan Fight for Taiwan's Identity in International Organization
The mayor of Kaohsiung, along with Taichung, Tainan and Taipei, signed the letter of protest to the secretary general of ICLEI. As mentioned in the letter, Kaohsiung and the other four cities work hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and have made good achievements. There is no reason for the cities to accept the mistake made by ICLEI, which may disrupt the friendship between both sides.
2015/10/13 | Shih Yuan
Kaohsiung to Launch Shared Electric Car System Inspired by Paris
On October 13, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu signed a cooperation agreement with the promoter of the electric car sharing system, Bolloré Group, to welcome them to invest in Kaohsiung. She hopes that Kaohsiung can become the first city to develop a public electric car system in Taiwan.