鬼牌,又稱小丑牌、百搭牌、Joker,香港稱為皇牌,是54張撲克牌中的其中兩張,代號星(★或★),編號Joker/J,有替換牌、百搭牌及王牌的作用。 --來自 維基百科


2019/11/18 | The Conversation

Why Protesters Around the World Are Wearing the Same Masks

Protesters around the world are wearing the Joker and Guy Fawkes face masks. A face mask technically doesn't offer any physical protection, then why do protesters favor wearing masks?

2019/09/16 | The Conversation

Joker Represents the Absurdity and Horror of Our Times

Clownish figures have surged in popularity both in cinema and in politics. What does this imply for our society?