Joe Biden

小約瑟夫·羅賓內特·拜登(英語:Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.,1942年11月20日-),通稱喬·拜登(英語:Joe Biden),現任美國總統(第46任),曾於2009年至2017年擔任第47任美國副總統,於1973年至2009年間擔任德拉瓦州的聯邦參議員,是美國政壇資深政治人物。 --來自 維基百科


2020/11/16 | Voice of America

Amid China Tensions, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam Pin Hopes on Biden

Based on his record as vice president, scholars say Biden can be expected to put more emphasis on diplomacy, rather than the sort of military moves favored by President Donald Trump.

2020/11/11 | Jenny Li

Why Taiwan Is Still Safe

The concerns that a Biden presidency portends the end of Taiwan are misplaced.

2020/11/04 |

US Election 2020 Live Results

The 2020 US presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 3. See the live results and candidate positions on cross-strait policy.

2020/11/03 | Rath Wang

Why Taiwanese Americans Are Voting for Joe Biden

While many people in Taiwan favor a Trump presidency due to his anti-CCP rhetoric, many in the Taiwanese American community have a different opinion.

2020/10/19 | George Scialabba

George Scialabba: Democracy vs Plutocracy

The United States is a plutocracy. The climate is at stake. Will this election make a difference?