Jair Bolsonaro

雅伊爾·梅西亞斯·波索納洛(葡萄牙語:Jair Messias Bolsonaro,巴西葡萄牙語:[ʒaˈiʁ meˈsi.ɐz bowsoˈnaɾu]或[ʒaˈiɾ];1955年3月21日-),巴西政治人物、前陸軍上尉、現任巴西總統,自1991年起擔任里約熱內盧州的聯邦眾議員。 --來自 維基百科


2019/08/29 | Mongabay

OPINION: Brazil's Sovereignty Depends on a Healthy Amazon

A healthy and productive Amazon actually underpins Brazil’s sovereignty by strengthening food, water, and energy security, while supporting good relations with its neighbors.

2018/11/12 | New Bloom

'Make China Lose Again': Taiwan Gets Love From the Polish Far-Right

Premier William Lai's decision to comment favorably on a pro-Taiwan video by a Polish fringe far-right group might not have been the best idea.

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CARTOON: Trump, Bolsonaro, and Taiwan's Looney Friends

Taiwan's 17 remaining official allies, along with its larger unofficial friends, make for strange bedfellows.