JYP娛樂(韓語:(주)제이와이피엔터테인먼트,簡稱:제이와이피엔터;英語:JYP Entertainment Corporation,簡稱:JYPE)是朴軫永於1997年11月創立的藝人經紀公司,2011年2月23日和J.Tune娛樂合併後成為上市公司,與SM娛樂及YG娛樂並列為韓國三大娛樂公司。 --來自 維基百科


2016/01/14 | Shih Yuan

Taiwanese K-pop Star Accused of Being Pro-Independent and Banned from Performing in China

South Korean media think that the controversy regarding the R.O.C. flag is sensitive between Taiwan and China. Maeil Business News Korea says, China, opposing Taiwan regarding politics, is more sensitive to Chou’s controversy because Taiwan’s presidential election is coming up. It is reported that JYP might face severe loss because China is the biggest market of K-pop.