伊斯蘭教(阿拉伯語:الإسلام, al-’islām‎;發音:[alʔɪsˈlaːm] 聆聽)又稱回教、清真教、天方教,是以《可蘭經》和聖訓為教導的一神教宗教,也是世界三大宗教之一。 --來自 維基百科


2017/10/16 | Tamara Nair and Alan Chong

Marginalized Female Migrant Workers Prone to Radicalization

'Radicalization through religion need not be the more attractive path out of socio-economic disenchantment for marginalized women,' writes Tamara Nair and Alan Chong.

2017/09/19 | Hera Diani

Female Roles in Religious Radicalism

Where women once held only supporting roles, they are now beginning to take up more dominant roles in radical groups. Why?

2017/08/02 | Mohammad Zubair Khan

Where Now for Indonesia's Banned Muslim Organization?

Operating under a government ban is nothing new for HT in other places in the world.