Instagram(/ˈɪnstəɡræm/,在英語國家有時簡稱為IG,又有非正式簡稱insta,在台灣與香港簡稱IG,在中國大陸簡稱ins),是Facebook公司旗下一款免費提供線上圖片及視訊分享的社群應用軟體,於2010年10月發布。 --來自 維基百科

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2018/10/05 | Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

How Social Media Fuels Taiwan's Growing Café Culture

Can Taiwan's trendiest cafés surge to the top of a competitive market by attracting Instagram influencers?

2017/11/08 | Dinah Gardner

The New Instagram Feed Spotlighting Mass Extinctions

People are killing off vast numbers of species all around the world; but no one is talking about it. Maybe a new Instagram feed devoted to the topic will help.

2017/02/14 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Bringing the ‘Instagram Printing Vendor’ to Taiwan

'I was the only one who believed in it,' says Mike Sung, the 26-year-old who introduced FotoNota to Taiwan.