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2018/10/18 | Stuart Heaver
HONG KONG: Why China's Greater Bay Masterplan May Not Be So Great
The plan to unite nine Chinese cities with Hong Kong and Macau reads well on paper but innovation is about more than just pie in the sky political programs.
2017/10/26 | Xiaochen Su
For Innovation to Succeed in Asia, Confucianism Must Die
Confucianism and its rigid adherence to age and experience as the determinant of power is the major impediment to innovation taking holding in Asia.
2017/06/12 | FORTUNE
Does Chinese Innovation Have a Dark Side?
China's tech giants are nimble innovators. But will private firms' gains in Big Data, artificial intelligence, face recognition and other technologies lead to tighter state control?
2017/06/12 | Keith Menconi
INTERVIEW: The Young Taiwanese Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum
Spurning agricultural economics, Hauer Hsieh found success in turntables and YouTube videos.
2017/05/12 | Georges Haour
What China Can Teach the West About Innovation
There is much to learn from the 'Chinese way' of innovating. That China is becoming a major source of innovations is good for China and good for the world.
2016/12/21 | Jessica C. Teets
How Xi Jinping’s Leadership Discourages Local Innovation
Xi's anti-corruption crackdown is reducing corruption, but it is also restricting crucial forms of local discretion such as policy experimentation.
2016/11/17 | Yao Han
BOOK REVIEW: 'China’s Next Strategic Advantage'
In 'China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation', George S. Yip and Bruce McKern suggest that China has leapt successfully from being an imitative to an innovative country. As Chinese companies become increasingly innovative and perform better in domestic and international markets, the authors argue that other countries need to learn from China or risk lagging behind. Besides analyzing both Chinese firms and MNCs in China, the book also taps into questions of open innovation and intellectual property protection practices. Yao Han appreciates the use of detailed examples and cases in illustrating the process towards innovation in China.
2016/08/24 | Hsu Chia-yu
Taiwan-Designed Wearable Medical Device Poised to Help Diabetics Worldwide
An innovative wearable medical device designed by two Taiwanese students has the potential to help millions of diabetics around the world.